About us

Toronto Premier Cricket League is an association formed by well-known softball cricketers who are playing cricket for years. The passion for cricket and community leadership brought fine people together to form and establish this association in a very short term.

TPCL will be organizing softball cricket tournaments and league games in Twenty 20 format between sixteen leading teams who were playing cricket in GTA for more than ten years in other organized leagues.

TPCL is committed to provide a platform for all likeminded people to enjoy cricket and socialize with each other and create a family atmosphere. We know this will get better and bigger in coming years and will attract more teams and supporters from our community.

Our board of directors

Nirthanadan Elayathamby

Asok Santhiralingam

Our committee Members

TPCL Committee 2016
Name Cricket Club Position
Nesan Ramachandran Jaguarz C.C. President
Chandran Santhiralingam (Mohan) Devilz C.C. Sports Secretary
Vijay Vairamuthu Dixie C.C. Ground Staff
Jeyanthan Sathananthan Cambridge C.C. Ground Staff
Ruban Ratnam Toronto 11 Stars C.C. Ground Staff
Kavi Cambridge C.C. Ground Staff
Sanjeevan Kundumani Rangers C.C. Ground Staff
Vinoth Arumugam Eelam Boys C.C. Ground Staff
Niel Anandarajah Ideal C.C. Ground Staff
Thayaparan Somasundaram Venkaigal C.C. Ground Staff
Shanon Pirates C.C. Ground Staff
Kamal Arumugam Devilz C.C Umpiring Committee
Kokulan Rockets C.C. Umpiring Committee
Vasee Black Cats C.C. Umpiring Committee
Roshan Trimountain C.C. Umpiring Committee
Suren Balachandran Riderz C.C. Umpiring Committee
Pratheepan Lurthu Warriors C.C. Umpiring Committee
Prathap Ideal C.C. Statistic Analyst
Siva Lingam Knights C.C. Statistic Analyst
Dinesh Santhirarajah Dixie C.C. Schedule Analyst

Our contacts

Nesan Ramachandran -President




Toronto Premier Cricket League

Chandran Santhiralingam (Mohan) -Sports Secretary




Toronto Premier Cricket League

Miscellaneous info:

In accordance to its mission and vision, the Toronto Premier Cricket League Association strives to provide the best environment for cricketers at all levels to perform and enjoy the beautiful game.

You can help us make a difference by sponsoring.

Sponsors will be issued with receipt for any amounts over $25.

We thank you for your support!